Pears - for Nikki, Katie, Julie, and Pat

September 1, 2016

for Nikki, Katie, Julie, and Pat - Thank You

We left in morning,
sun at our backs,
roaring down the coast,
howling & skin exulting
in the sunshine and sylvan air
swirling in through open windows
riding high in the saddle of
the Great Vehicle of Creative Destruction
(Coyote, Kitsune, Raven, three thousand blessings)
Each moment dying
and living
in the way only bodies know,
over tide's fingers and clearcut hills
over concrete piers—the mouth of Old Columbia itself!
timber ships passing down below
bellies full of fire of ancient trees,
burning into poison air,
humming with our motor,


on the river's hills,
I left you with another family.
Their generosity was immediate,
overwhelming. They gave me
this bag of Asian pears
from their garden--
the taste! Crisp and quenching
in the warm blanket of august noon
Like new stories
among old friends, like underground
rivers, like light and water embracing
there, in the leaves, at last,
in mutual pleasure
I stuff myself
the whole way home.

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